Call for Contributions

Sacred Texts, Child Readers is launching its academic blog early in 2020 to host a range of short, accessible, research-driven articles written by academics and researchers at all career stages, as well as stakeholders and practitioners. The blog aims to make cutting-edge work in the area of faith formation and religious education across faith traditions and cultures available to academics, faith communities, and the general public.

We welcome contributions from a range of philosophical, geographical, methodological, or disciplinary perspectives, from all levels of study beyond and within ‘the academy’. Articles can be based on any relevant aspect of research or methodology and can be related to a specific project or to a stand-alone strand of research. Alternatively, submissions related to an up-coming anniversary or event are welcome.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • An exhibition or other cultural initiative.
  • Pedagogical practice.
  • Reviews of books or faith formation resources.
  • Summary of an existing or forthcoming article or conference presentation.
  • Aspects of research or methodology which merit wider public attention or discussion.
  • Research-driven comment on current events.
  • An interview discussing a project or publication. (Formats could take the form of a written summary, script, or podcast.)

Submission Guidelines

Articles should be 800 – 1200 words in length. With the editorial team’s agreement, longer items may be run in parts. Please write with a non-specialist audience in mind, explaining concepts and theories accessibly, and using hyperlinks to clarify and cite, rather than footnotes. A ‘further reading’ section may be included at the end.

If possible, please include two relevant images, one in landscape format. All images should be either in the public domain, owned by you, or subject to explicit agreement for you to use online. Without exception. (For example, images obtained via Wikimedia Commons.)

All authors need to include a biography of up to 300 words. Links to social media or your other online research activities are welcome. The biography will be published alongside your article.

Please attach a list of up to 10 keywords, and any relevant hashtags.

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.