Opportunities for Publication

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We are excited to promote two intriguing calls for papers from University of Sheffield-based partners of Sacred Texts Child Readers – both for new journals, both broad and open to creative submissions. We hope to inspire you to share these calls widely with colleagues and friends and submit your proposals …

Firstly, the Journal of Deep Talk will publish its first edition in 2023. Information about the journal can be found here: https://deep-talk.blog/2022/12/21/call-for-papers-journal-of-deep-talk/     

and the call for papers is available here: http://bit.ly/3WK6X90

There is scope for many formats and types of content beyond the traditional academic article, so it’s worth taking a look if you have an interest in Deep Talk, facilitate, research, or otherwise participate in Deep Talk activities.

Secondly, the Journal of Chaplaincy in Higher Education is also launching in 2023 and has an open call for papers. Although the closing date for the first edition is at the end of January, the call will be permanently open and accepting proposals on a rolling bases, for two editions annually. Full details of the journal and available formats, along with the form to apply can be found here: http://bit.ly/3YQO32u

Again, there is scope for a variety of formats and themes, so if you have relevant expertise, it is definitely worth considering applying.


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